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(Monday, February 22 2010)

As promised...

(Tuesday, February 9 2010)

An FYI for our family and friends, About My Baby is shutting down, so we will be closing out this journal and starting a new one. Stay tuned!

(Friday, November 27 2009)

Happy Thanksgiving (one day late)! Thanksgiving was a bit lonely this year since Mary and Bob couldn''t fly back to be with us. Dora took on the task of making the turkey - purchased (of course) at the traditional ...more

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    Name: - Arden Grace
    Birthdate: - Monday, August 22 2005
    Age: - 12 years, 10 months, 23 days
  • Doodlebug''s Size: 38 pounds
  • Height: 41 inches

Guestbook Entries

"Scurvy" Nonno (Wednesday, October 28 2009)

Wow, what a great costume and a pretty pirate in it. Arden looks like she belongs in that outfit, a natural swashbuckling pirate if there ever was one. I can see this even with my impaired vision. ...more

Grandma Mary (Wednesday, September 17 2008)

The pictures are great! Arden is so beautiful and such a wonderful little girl to spend time with. I can''t believe it has only been a week since we were in Disney with all of you! It feels ...more

rosa727 (Rose-Anne) (Tuesday, September 16 2008)

I haven''t said hi in forever, but I loved the Disney pictures! Arden is so cute and looks like she had a blast! I can''t believe she is 3!!!

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